Sara Visit

Write all about our afternoon with Sara.

What were some of the plants that you got to see, what did they look like, how did they feel, were they what you expected?

What foods did you taste? Were there any that you hadn’t tasted before?

What are you looking forward to about our sessions with Sara? Any questions that you have.

19 thoughts on “Sara Visit”

  1. Some of the plants looked funny because when you open them another one comes out.They felt squishy and some had a smelly stench.There were some foods that I had never tasted such as turnip. I want to ask Sara do you know more plants and more foods? I didn’t realise that some of the plants put on a very big stench.

    By Jamaiya

  2. When we met Sara in the classroom she made us a quiz about fruit and vegetables. She was showing different fruit and vegetables. She put on some tables, fruit and vegetables and we were swapping tables. At the end we chosen what tables we wanted. On my table there was sunflower, cucumber and a broccoli. We were smelling the sunflower,cucumber and broccoli. The sunflower smelt disgraceful,the cucumber smell okay, but the broccoli smell disgraceful to. The sunflower felt slimy, the cucumber felt hard and the broccoli felt gentle. I tasted an orange and a grape.

  3. When I was with Sara I got to see new plants that I never saw before, they felt rough and some plants felt smooth. They looked like hairy beanstalks although they were very beautiful I expected them to be bigger and more beautiful. We also tried new food but some of them we already tried before but the food was very yummy! I am looking forward to planting new foods that I never tried before so at the end we can all eat yummy food!
    Who invented the first fruit or seed?
    How did they make the first seed?
    What did they use to make the first seed?
    by Imo Kim

  4. It was a very fun session with Sara. It was fun because we could feel and smell the types of plants and food. She has shown us plants, seeds, fruit and vegetables some of us never seen before. I learnt that the seeds of the sunflowers were really sticky and I also learnt that if you would peel a white bean it would be green. At the end of the session we got to eat some fruit like oranges, bannanas and grapes. They were very sweet and juicy. I’m really looking forward to more sessions with Sara.

    Zuzia x x

  5. The plants and vegetables that I got to see were sunflowers,carrots with a stem,broccoli,lettuce, strawberries,beetroots,beans,apples,grapes,bananas and seeds.The plants and vegetables that I saw looked very colorful and big.The plants and vegetables felt very soft and some were very sticky.I didn’t know that there will be seeds and beans but I knew that their will be plants and vegetables.The food that I tasted were apples,grapes and bananas. I never tasted beetroots and lettuce. I am looking forward with Sara that it is going to be very fun. What do we have beans for? Sandra

  6. Sara is a nice person when I first met her which wasn’t so long ago, she let us feel some different vegetables. I also got to match some seeds to some fruit and vegetables that were there. I saw a carrot seeds and some carrots and at the start we had a quiz, I got everything right wooho!!! I tasted an orange, grapes and a banana. I wish I could have her every Wednesday after lunch she is a cool lady.

  7. When we had a visit with Sara we saw so many different plants. I smelt parsley it was like a cylinder and hard to break.There were as well beans,carrots, sunflowers, strawberry and beetroot.I expected them. We didn’t try them out because they weren’t washed and cooked.
    I hope we will grow some fruit trees and we will make some soups and food to sell with Sara.

  8. With Sara we planted, watched the pictures and tasted the food.
    We were talking about farms, food like wheat, rye, maize, potatoes, carrots and lots of other veg.

  9. With Sara I got to look at lots of different foods and vegetables. Some of the foods felt weird and
    some felt nice. Some of them looked nice and some looked ugly. We got to taste oranges, grapes and

  10. Sara showed us lots of plants, vegetables and fruits, that was an exciting day.
    I didn’t know you can eat sunflowers.I’m looking forward to learn all about food.
    The inside of the beetroot was very soft. I didn’t expect peas or beans to be white but the inside of the bean green.I got to see different beans. I tasted bananas, grapes & oranges.
    May you tell me about growing, planting and much more. Are we going to cook food as well?

  11. I learnt so much about food and I want to learn even more so i want to now taste all foods and now i’m tasting new foods with my mum.

  12. Hello my name is David we’ve tasted delicious food for example, grapes,oranges and bananas. We saw flowers and beans that we hadn’t saw before. Everyone smelled lots of different flowers and wrote how to plant different kind of fruits. I learned that when flowers grow up the seeds are still in it, also we saw these purple seeds. At the end she showed kids at different schools planting flowers and helping them grow. Sara told us that we’ll have a trip to the farm.

  13. I got to see tulips, beetroots, peas and sunflowers. The tulips were red, the beetroots were grey and purple, the peas were brown, purple, black, pink and green. Some were hard, smooth, spiky and rough.
    I tasted bananas, oranges and grapes. I’m looking forward to cooking, finding different food with Sara.

  14. We tasted delicious foods and we all took turns feeling the textures of the foods.We learned the names of food in different ways.And we felt sunflowers ,seeds and we were guessing foods and we got them all correct together.

  15. I really liked the visit with Sarah beacause we got to touch loads of plants and seeds and we got to also smell the plants and seeds. I also learned about some new plants and seeds and that there are two types of squash.

  16. I saw, a carrots and beans. They looked warm, small and the food tasted juicy. I tasted orange, banana, and grapes. Where did you get the food from? Where did you get the plastic seed from, did you get it from outside in the reception garden? How did you get the plants did you get it outside a shop?

  17. I had great time at the afternoon with Sara because I got to see lots of different type of food like beetroot,potato,cabbage,cucumber,seeds and flowers.
    I also got to see different seeds.

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